About Houston Products, Inc.

Houston Products, Inc. was established in 2008 as a manufacturer of rubber grippers to meet the demanding needs of the conveyor and packaging machinery industries. After several years of research, we developed a proprietary custom formulated EPDM rubber that is FDA compliant and allows us to manufacture grippers with high durability and excellent performance at economical prices. As a result, we have steadily grown into a reliable provider of conveyor chain grippers for machines such as rinsers, elevators, lowerators and custom conveyors used in the bottling, pharmaceutical, paper products, and packaging industries.

We offer many gripper products in a variety of standard colors and two standard temperature ratings. Our representatives can assist you with orders for custom lengths, colors, and hardness to ensure that your needs are met to your specifications. We will readily provide samples of our grippers for evaluation prior to an order being placed.